Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making FMX, FMVS or FMS2

Using the N-02 part for a screw-on bumper to make FMX, FMVS or FMS2
Cut the N-02 as shown

Multiple drilling was done for easier cutting

Sanding is required for the bumper to fit at the back of SuperX, VS or S2 chassis

Tried fitting it on a SuperX chassis, the overall length is under 150mm

Here, I used it on my VS chassis

You have to insert the batteries the other way around so that the motor will run backwards to make it into a truly Front Motor (FM) mini 4wd, so you have to shave off some plastic as shown so that the battery will fit nicely.

Shaving of the cowl will require a lot of work. Be patient, its quite rewarding! Happy racing!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mini4wd Mod: Lowered front end Super X chassis

Inching my way back into this hobby, after more than a decade.
Here I will show you how I modified the front end to make it lower than the back to give it more downthrust and LCG.
Here, I used super glue to attach the eyelet spacer
Using a router, I then widened the opening and moved the center about 2mm higher
Perfect fit!
Here it is with small diameter tires

The gear still does mesh perfectly with the transmission. One problem I have now is the gear cover. Its now touching the gear. I will have to sand it down to allow the gear to spin freely.
to be continued.....