Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making FMX, FMVS or FMS2

Using the N-02 part for a screw-on bumper to make FMX, FMVS or FMS2
Cut the N-02 as shown

Multiple drilling was done for easier cutting

Sanding is required for the bumper to fit at the back of SuperX, VS or S2 chassis

Tried fitting it on a SuperX chassis, the overall length is under 150mm

Here, I used it on my VS chassis

You have to insert the batteries the other way around so that the motor will run backwards to make it into a truly Front Motor (FM) mini 4wd, so you have to shave off some plastic as shown so that the battery will fit nicely.

Shaving of the cowl will require a lot of work. Be patient, its quite rewarding! Happy racing!

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